At Desk 360 Ltd we’re proud of our reputation for professionalism, exceptional quality and competitive pricing. We offer a peerless service to any size of company. We know it’s why more and more businesses are choosing us for their projects.


We provide a complete project solution for:

Office Reconfiguration

We provide expert advice on creating the perfect environment for your office. Whether undertaking a new build project or looking to compliment existing furniture, we will offer guidance on what will work best in your own unique surroundings.


Whether you are relocating locally or nationally we will ensure that your move is carried out efficiently and professionally with minimal disruption to your business.


We provide a full strip out and removal service and provide an ethical and environmentally conscious disposal.


We can fit out your new or existing premises with the furniture of choice to the highest standards. No matter what the size or location of your office we will ensure that it is fitted to your requirements.


We provide secure storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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